The staff are lovely, the pizzas are great, with beautiful thin crusts, and interesting, but not ludicrous toppings (my current favourite is Smashed Sicilian Green Olive with pesto, ricotta and chilli). They do pasta too, which looks amazing, but I have to admit, I’ve yet to make it past the pizza.
The little ones get special treatment here and are given a small pizza tray on arrival with a little ball of lightly dusted dough that they can play with and shape, just like playdough. On our table a heart and a smiley face were made. Then after tea, the dough has been magically cooked and is brought back to the table warm, dusted with icing sugar and drizzled with chocolate sauce. A perfect little treat for dessert with all the satisfaction of something they created themselves.
This one ticks just about all the boxes - Motorino love!